news in english

♦ 13/01/18- app for cell phones with information about frontiers in argentina (click).
♦ 01/12/18- alex beitl (germany) is the second european judge
♦ 01/03/18- program (not final). The vet check for argentina is on wednesday 11 and for the other countries on thursday 12
♦ 12/26/17- webpage. rules in english (unofficial), program. The webpage will be translated to english soon.
The competition is at predio ferial lujan de cuyo, in the south of mendoza (1, 2, 3). transport
♦ 11/15/17- official news are announced for the following days. The rules are already approved by FCA and will be sent to the delegates of all the countries going to the event; the other handlers will have to wait to know what they say. The delegates decided in colombia 2016 to change the competition and convert it in the style of european open. Most of the dogs going to the event won’t see the difference (only some dogs without pedigree for whom the costs of the trips were too high for the number of curses they had and decided not to go) but it is an important conceptual change. From now all the dogs doing agility start to have the same rights at least for the continental competition; the following step is working in the same direction inside the countries.
One of the judges is jan egil eide from norway (webpage, facebook, courses)
♦ 10/18/17- article about the 5 hours trip from santiago de chile to mendoza. google maps.
Copa airlines starts on november 15 a new route from panama to mendoza 4 times a week (reference).
♦ 10/17/17- it has been announced that the best way to get to mendoza is from santiago de chile traveling through the cordillera de los andes. They are looking for cheap transportation and, for that, they need to know who will be going to the event. The contact is sergio campillay (facebook,, They are also working with customs so dogs don’t have problems with health certificates in chile- argentina border when they are going to mendoza; there is no information about the return trip (border argentina- chile and leaving from chile). Some agilitists from chile comment that it might be not easy to rent a car in santiago being foreigner for traveling to argentina with it.
♦ 10/17/17- there will be a trial the weekend before the A&C in mendoza.
♦ 09/12/17- banner. the dates are april 12-15.
♦ Airpots: santiago de chile, cordoba (argentina), buenos aires (argentina), mendoza (argentina). Some planes arriving to mendoza and cordoba are too small for travelling with checked dogs
♦ 08/18/17- unofficially, the A&C will be in Mendoza in april. Mendoza is located 1100 km from buenos aires- argentina (13 hs by car, 1:45 hs by plane (but sometimes an airport change is needed)) and 370 km from santiago- chile (5 hs- 7 hs by car, 2 hs by plane). google maps with mendoza’s location.
They suggest traveling by car from santiago in chile or cordoba in argentina.
♦ 06/09/17- facebook
♦ 04/11/17- next A&C is in argentina (maybe in buenos aires or in santa fe). They announced more information for may 2017.


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